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Here's my setup:

Pentium M 1.73 ghz
1.0 GB RAM
sibelius 3
oxygen 8 midi keyboard

i would like to be able to 1) use vdl2 on its own with sibelius and 2) with the midi keyboard.  i move around a lot and would like to write on the road without the keyboard and then easily USB the oxygen 8 when i am home and write.  i just installed vdl2 last night and want to start hearing some sounds.  i downloaded the ";virtual midi cable"; from marblesound but am not sure what to do next.  basically, i have no idea what i am doing.  this weekend i have no access to my keyboard because i am traveling, but would love to hear sounds without it.  please help if you have the time.  thanks!
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Depending on how you're using VDL2, you'll set its input (in the VDL2>File>Setup>MIDI-IN window) as either Maple MIDI port 1 (if you want it to be played by Sibelius), or as your keyboard (if you're playing it with your keyboard directly).

There are lots of posts here about configuring Maple Midi Tools (or MIDI Yoke for those using that), if you do a quick search for ";maple";, you should find some good help. Here's a quick one:

Really, it's as simple as setting Maple as your OUT from Sibelius, and your IN in VDL2. If you haven't already, I'd recommend you download the latest VDL2 Sibelius template from before you do this. It'll have all the mappings contained within which will make life easier.

Good luck!
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