Midi FIle transcription

I read the previous posts from March about how to get people on other computers to hear the realistic sounds on their computers.  It was mentioned that you would need to open up your midi file in some other program and load the sounds is that correct?
  I thought that all i  need to use was  my Sibelius 3 and the Sounblaster 2ZS notebook card to either create or save anything that i had created.  So Im wondering am I basically supposed  to have purchased  new soundcard, the new sampler disc and another computer program just so that my students can hear a realistic transcription of my music that i had just created in the sibleius program that i had also just purchased via the VD instructions?  I have VD1 only because i didnt want to purchase 2 yet
I'm not sure I'm completely following what your intentions are, but here's some basic info for you. MIDI files are different than audio files. MIDI files (.mid) contain no audio data. If you want to share your playbacks with your students, you should record the playback as an audio file (.wav, .aif), then convert it to an MP3 which makes the file size easier to email to your students.

Sibelius sends MIDI information to a playback device (your soundcard). If you send your sibelius file to other users who don't have the same sounds/playback device, they won't hear the sounds you're hearing on your computer.
Ok so here's what i was able to to do I went to the Creative console and opened up the record menu and chose to have the system record ";what it hears";.  I was then able to record anything that i had done in the VD via Sibelius as an MP3.  The only thing is then i want and disabled all my devices so I could listen to it and it workeD!! but....i am very happy that it worked but the volume is extremely low..should i chose another format instead?... I had it set to record as an MP3 stereo?....thanks Jim.
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