Combining TapSpace templates with existing scores

Hello all...long time listener, first time caller.

I recently got my VDL2 set up (and have spent two days setting it up and reading this forum to death....thank god it's here!), and just figured out how to combine wind scores with the VDL Finale 2005 template using Neal Flum's explanation (thanks, Neal).

Now, my question is, is there a way to move some of the staves from the template to existing wind scores?  I would love to be able to keep the band director's score intact and just add my percussion scores (via the VDL2 template) to them.  When I tried it, I had to add staves and then the VDL mapping was not available. 
I'm sure I'm missing a step...especially given the amount of time and failure it has taken to get me this far.  Any help would be appreciated.
Also, how do I do this same thing in Sibelius 3?

I have a Dell Dimension desktop, 2 GB Ram, MIDI Yoke, and a Pentium 4 (?) processor, Windows XP, Finale 2005, Sibelius 3.

Thanks in advance,
Carl Eppler

Unfortunately, with the way that the staves are set up for VDL:2, you can't import them into another score.  The only option is to copy and paste existing scores into the VDL:2 score.
Same with Sibelius?
Unfortunately yes.
If you export your score as a MIDI file and do your audio mix in a program like Logic, Cubase, Sonar, etc. you can drag the notes to the correct place.  If you look at my multi-track software tutorial you will see what I'm talking about- my demos were created with music I wrote before I had VDL2.  All I had to do was select the notes and move them up or down to trigger the correct sound.  It's a bit tedious but it works.  Your drumline project will end up sound much better using this method than if you just plug VDL2 into Sibelius/Finale anyways.

Hello!  To add a wind score, assuming it is in Finale to the VDL2 Percussion Score, try

1.  Once you have your percussion score set up . . .
2.  Click on the Staff tool.
3.  Click on STAFF
4.  Go to the New Staves with set-up wizard
5.  Add your staves as they appear in the wind score
6.  Go to the bottom right corner of the dialog box and find the drop-down
menu that begins with Orchestral.";  Choose ";Custom.";
7.  Click ";ok.";
8.  You are back in the score. 
9.  Put the piccolo/flute part in the beginning key signature of the piece.
10.  Make sure your score has the correct number of measures.
11.  Copy the wind score and paste it into the percussion/wind score.
12.  The percussion score will be above the wind score, but you can click and
drag staves.  A bit cumbersome, but it will get the job done.

13.  You'll need to go into the instrument list to have your wind sounds
play back properly.  And you'll need to make sure your midi set-up is correct also.
1 - 16:  VDL2  17 - 32: winds

I am certain there might be a few more minor steps or ";tricks"; that I
left out.  E-mail if I can be of any help.  I use the process above to
do all of my scores for the University of Alabama Marching Band. 
And Finale will not allow you to record your score using winds and
the VDL2, download No. 1 Sound Recorder and you'll be able to do
both wav. and mp3 files.  Hope the above-offered info helps.

Take care!

My e-mail:
I understand your frustration.�� I'd like to do the same thing you're doing.�� But here's the honest easiest way and it only took me 20-30 minutes to set up.�� First of all, I do agree that if you using a sequencing program, your product will come out much better, but I haven't got that kind of time.

If your director sends you a Sibelius Score (which luckily mine does, too), open it [b]and [/b] the VDL2 Template Score.�� Set-up the VDL2 Template like you want and then add in all the Band Instruments from the Layout/Instruments and Staves Window.�� Then, go through the score and change all of the formatting you need to change (i.e. total number of measures in the piece, rehearsal numbers, key signature changes, metric signature changes, tempo changes, barlines, etc.).�� Then, with both scores open (one on the top half of the screen and the other on the bottom half), triple click on the Flute line or whatever instrument you want of your band score, press Ctrl. C, triple click on the new Flute staff in your new score and press Ctrl. V to paste.�� Repeat the process with the other instruments and you'll have the entire band score on top your preformatted VDL2 Staves!

Good luck.
I have done the exact same things using both Sibelius and Finale.  That is the best and quickest way to get the wind parts combined with the VDL2 parts.
Vincent (and all),

I also copy scores exactly the same way, setting up all of the details of measures, rehearsal marks, keys, etc.

However, instead of copying each stave independently (in Sib 3/4) try this:

-Triple click top stave (usually flute unless you are marching piccolos!)
-Ctrl-click (on WIN) the bottom stave you wish to copy
-Ctrl-C to copy from
-Ctrl-V to paste to

A little time saver...Sibelius is very smart and can handle moving all of those items at once.

Is everyone enjoying Sibelius 4 as much as I am?�� The dynamic parts are a terrific timesaver!
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