Midi FIle transcription

Ok so here's what i was able to to do I went to the Creative console and opened up the record menu and chose to have the system record ";what it hears";.  I was then able to record anything that i had done in the VD via Sibelius as an MP3.  The only thing is then i want and disabled all my devices so I could listen to it and it workeD!! but....i am very happy that it worked but the volume is extremely low..should i chose another format instead?... I had it set to record as an MP3 stereo?.......
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Easiest thing would be to use an mp3 editing program (check download.com) and bump the volume a little bit.  When I used VDL I noticed that the MIDI was quite a bit lower, but you could edit the resulting mp3 to bump the sound up a little.

Assuming you're using windows you could record ";what you hear"; as a WAV instead of an MP3 and then use Sound Recorder to increase the volume by 100%.  Then you could just convert the WAV to an MP3.

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