Trouble w/ rack combo A notation

For some reason, all notes above midi note 81 (China cymbal) don't map correctly for me. All notes above this show up as the actual note played, as opposed to what the keymap shows. This really stinks since I'm trying to use the suspended cymbals, and they're something like 2 octaves above the staff. Any ideas?

Finale 2004 on the mac - almost forgot that!
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First, verify you are starting from the latest VDL2 Finale 2004 template. Current versions are posted at:
If you're current there, try this...

[li]Select Finale's Staff Attributes tool.[/li]
[li]Double click the staff you want to fix (this opens the staff attributes dialog.)[/li]
[li]";Notation style"; should have ";percussion"; selected. Then click the notation style ";select"; button to edit.[/li]
[li]Verify that VDL2 Rack Combo A is highlighted. If so, click the EDIT button. This opens the Percussion Map Designer dialog in Finale.[/li]
[li]Under ";notes to use";, click the button that says ";all named notes."; Once you've done this, click ";done";, and get out of any open dialog windows.[/li]
[li]Try re-entering some of those high register notes and see if you have better results.[/li]
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