Sibelius user with show due! PLEASE HELP

I had troubles like this when I first began using this combination.  I've done 4 or 5 shows for area BOA bands using Sibelius, VD1, maple midi tools and kompakt since then that have turned out fabulous.  I need to have the second script of parts out to a director due Monday.  Parts are ready to go but I need to record the tunes.  I ";cleaned disk"; and ";defreagged"; my computer, ran Norton etc. on the same day I have prescheduled within each program. 

Today I go to play sounds to record, and all of the sudden I have nothing but my origanal sound card playing through.  I've checked the settings and as far as I can tell nothing is different than it was before.  I fiddled with the settings, trying to make some logic out of it, but came up with nothing.  I thought I had gotten proficient at this but apparently need a hand at getting back up and running.  Port 1 in maple is on external midi (the only other option besides nothingness), in kompakt the midi port 1 is enabled, in sibelius when I select the VD in devices under port 1, nothing happens.

Where do I go from here?  By now I've spent a good amount of moneyh and time into this.  I just want it to work.

Thanks so much,
colt's FE  95,96,97,98 
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Chauch - it would appear that your settings have changed from when they used to function as expected. In order to get it to work, you just need to take a second, breath :), and be sure you're really understanding how the settings work.

Devices window - click on maple port 1 as your default playback device
Mixer window - be sure maple port 1 is selected as the device for each track
Mixer window - be sure each track is assigned to its own channel
Mixer window - ignore the ";sounds"; pulldown menu

Setup window - MIDI INPUT should have Maple port 1 set to ";on";. All other options ";off.";
Setup window - MIDI OUTPUT should have all options set to ";off.";
Instrument slots in Kompakt - be sure each instrument is assigned to the same channel as previously discussed in the Sibelius Mixer.

If you're still stuck after that, please feel free to write back. But before posting, maybe take a minute to read through your post and be sure you're being as detailed and clear as possible so it's easier to understand what exactly may be going on with your setup. It will be helpful if you list your settings, and steps in a list format, including information about your system. Otherwise, all anyone can do is guess.
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