sound issues

I am able to hear the battery sounds in the VDL:2 window, after I loaded them, but I can't hear anything through Sibelius.  By the way, am I supposed to load everything that I am going to use or do you have to go in a change it all the time, it keeps telling me I have low memory?

I can't see my Oxygen 8 keyboard in the devices menu like on page 20 of the user guide.  I would like to get the keyboard up and running finally, since I purchased it about 2 years ago and never had the time to sit down and figure it out.  I do see the Maple Midi tool that I downloaded.

Anyway, I'm hoping that it is a good sign that I can hear the virtual sounds for snares, tenors, and basses in the VDL:2 window and that perhaps I'm just a few steps away.  Thanks for any help!
To hear sounds, make sure you follow the instructions regarding the Sibelius mixer window.  Make sure ";device"; is your maple midi tools and the ";channel"; is the same as the MIDI channel for your VDL2 instrument.  It will most likely be channel 1 - 8.  Then make sure you do File > Setup > MIDI with the VDL2 program and make sure the maple midi tools is ";on"; in the input box.  Think of it as plugging wires from the output of Sibelius to the input of Virtual Drumline. 

For your keyboard in Sibelius, go to Play > Devices and make it's selected in the input box.

If you are getting low memory warnings, try using the ";lite"; versions of instruments and download the ";direct from disc"; file on the VDL2 updates page.  If you have less than 1 GB of RAM, that's the source of the problem. 
I made sure that the mixer channels were all set.

I can't see my keyboard in the devices menu to select it.

Also, I have 1 GB of RAM.

It just seems strange that I'm having all of these issues.  Can someone explain to me if I am wanting to use this as a stand alone, plug-in, or other?  ( I have Sibelius)  My situation is that I want to be able to use my midi keyboard when at home but to use Sibelius and VDL:2 without the keyboard on the road.
You should have it running as a stand-alone program at the same time as Sibelius.  The plug-in is for using it with a multi-track recording program like Logic, Cubase, ProTools, etc.

Not being able to select your keyboard in the devices menu of Sibelius is a completely separate issue not related to Virtual Drumline.  Make sure you have the latest drivers for the Oxygen 8 installed.  If it is like other M-Audio devices, you should have it unplugged when installing the drivers, then plug it in and go through the plug-n-play detection process.  A lot of M-Audio drivers give Win XP ";uncertified driver"; errors/warnings that must be skipped.  I would make sure you can enter notes into Sibelius with the keyboard before wondering if there's a VDL2 problem.
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