sounds not in sync and scrolling problem

Is anyone having this problem:

1.  When I play back my percussion score using Finale 2004 B and VDL2,
the scrolling line is ahead of the actual sounds by about a quarter note.

2.  When I added a wind score to a blank score (finale Template from Tapspace); then wrote in the battery parts;
and then played the winds and percussion together; the winds were ahead of
the battery by about a quarter note.

3.  As an experiment:  I wrote a few bars of a piccolo playing the F major scale.
When I played it back, the scrolling line worked perfectly and was in
sync with the sounds playing back.

I am using Maple Midi, VDL2 with Kontakt Player, and Finale 2004 B.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem?
If you need more info, please let me know.  My
e-mail is:

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Jim was kind enough to talk me through my problem.
If any of you are experiencing the same problem,
try this:

1.  Open your Virtual Drumline 2
2.  Go to File
3.  Go to SET UP
4.  Go to Sound Card
5.  Go to the LATENCY setting.
6.  Try setting it to around 44 or so.
7.  See if that solves the problem.

(I am at home and don't have my VDL2 with me,
so if I erred in the directions above, sorry.  Ultimately,
you do have to adjust the LATENCY setting in the
sound card).

It did for me.  Essentially, and as Jim explained it,
changing the LATENCY setting tells the Midi Maple to
respond faster. 

There is a latency setting within Finale itself.  I
did not find altering that to be helpful when adjusting it
on the recommendation of the Finale Tech Support person.

If anyone has anything to add, please do help us!


Neal Flum
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