New Commercial Demo

This is for a commecial spot that I was recently working on. Haven't had the chance to finish tweaking the mix and stuff yet. All percussion sounds are from VDL2 including:

Snareline FULL
Tenors FULL
Bassline FULL
Cymbal Line FULL
Djembe 14in
Taiko Drum
Drumset Basic
Cr. Cym 20in Germanic
Sus. Cym 20"; Constantinople
Finger Cymbals
Field Drum
Earth Plate
Chinas All
Splash Cymbals
Tam Tam 34in Zildjian

Two pounds of stuff in a one pound box...but it was still fun. :)
very nice!  Let us know if there is a link to the finished commercial.

Very cool stuff Jim. What were you using for the electronic sounds?

Thanks guys. I did this in Logic Pro using Intakt as a plugin for the synthy tech stuff. I'll let you know if there's a visual clip that can be seen when/if it becomes available on the net. Or look for the Zildjian commercial on ESPN2 during the DCI broadcast. I'll be Tivo'ing it. :)
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