More Low Memory Warnings

Hi Everyone, I have a G5 Dual GHz with 512 MB.  I realize I need to upgrade my RAM but I feel like with this machine I should be able to chew through most of my scores.  When I'm loading anything into VDL2 (even a single rack combo), I get the warning that memory is getting low and will cause dropouts and artefacts (which it does).  I'm running DFD on High Polyphony. 
I've also ran Garritan Personal Orchestra in the past and had the same problem, though whenever I run samples through Kontakt (including the old VDL1 samples), I seldom have any problems loading or playing sounds.  I have the Kontakt 2 update on the way but would like some suggestions on what to do until then! 

Any Ideas? Thanks!
Seth Woodard
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Your DFD settings will have a correlation on how many instruments you can load before you get the ";low memory"; warning. I beleive you'll see this warning appear when you've utilized 80% of your available RAM. Keep in mind, the other programs you're running (including your operating system) are all sharing that 512mb, so by the time you even launch VDL2, you probably only have about 256mb to work with, which isn't much.

The good news is your G5 gives you lots of room to expand memory, and with memory being pretty inexpensive these days, it makes it easier to upgrade. Check for an idea on memory prices from different vendors.

In the meantime, you might try setting your DFD settings to ";small"; instruments, as that might perform a little better for you. be sure to click the ";apply"; button before closing the window.
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