Maple MIDI site down?

Using VD1 with Sibelius in addition to Reason and Sonar 3. Was linking all through Maple MIDI which I found out about through here.
CPU crashed and I had to replace but never backed up Maple MIDI. Went to Marble sound's site and it's down for good. Anyone know how else I can get Maple MIDI again?

If you've got it and can send, email me at

Thanks so much!
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Indeed their site has been down for a few days. I've heard they're working on getting it back up and running, but with NAMM, i'm sure it may still be a while. If you're in a rush, you might try using MIDI Yoke instead which you can get for free at It does the same thing. For XP, you should use the Windows NT version, and to be safe, be sure to follow their detailed, step-by-step installation tutorial to be sure you get it properly installed.

Hope this helps!
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