Playback in VDL2 template

Sibelius 3
Kontakt 2
VDL2 Template

Sounds loaded into Kontakt 2 fine...
Sounds work in Device menu through Maple Midi Ports fine...
All Staff Types and Sound Sets fine...
When I play the file, nada
When I test the sounds through the mixer window, nada.
Please advise.
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If you're using Kontakt 2, you should be sure to set the ";program number"; field in the Sibelius mixer as well. By default, it's best to use 0 (zero) for this value. So to recap the settings you need to make in your Sibelius mixer for each track:

[b]Device[/b]: go out through Maple MIDI Port 1 (for the first 16 channels)...Port 2 for the next 16 channels, etc.
[b]Channel[/b]: Be sure the channel is set to the same channel (and virtual midi cable port) that is set to that instrument in Kontakt 2.
[b]Program[/b]: By default, set to 0. If you've loaded VDL2 instruments into K2 as an ";instrument bank";, this will ensure that program 1 will play. Sibelius works on a scale of 0-127, whereas K2 works on a scale of 1-128 which is why this number must differ.

Be sure to check that your MIDI channels in Kontakt 2 are set properly. If you're using Maple MIDI, you'll probably see (in MIDI Setup) the option to choose between different Maple ";ports."; Each of these ports will allow you to run 16 channels of MIDI. So Maple MIDI Port 1 will act as one midi device, Maple MIDI Port 2 will be another midi device, etc. If you're writing for less than 16 channels, you can just use Maple Port 1 for everything. Port 2 is only necessary if you have 17 or more channels. So be sure to double check that the Maple Port, and its MIDI channel (within that port) are accurately set in K2, and this is reflected in the Sibelius mixer under ";device"; and ";channel.";
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