new vdl2 w/sibelius3 problems getting midi to work, can't get input

hi, just got vdl2. I can get the loading part,but setting up to link with sibelius a problem. I downloaded the other vmc midiox as requested by manual, but the midiox tells me there is no input.what to do?
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Midiox is the website. [b]MIDI Yoke[/b] is the Virtual MIDI Cable. With MIDI Yoke, you should have downloaded and installed the NT version. It's a good idea to follow their installation tutorial, just to be sure you've installed it correctly.

Once you have, you should see MIDI Yoke NT 1, MIDI Yoke NT 2, etc... as devices in your Sibelius ";Devices"; window. If you don't see those items, MIDI Yoke isn't installed properly.

Once you've got it installed properly and you're seeing Midi Yoke in Sibelius ";Devices"; select it (MIDI Yoke NT 1) as the default playback ([b]output[/b]) device. In VDL2, select MIDI Yoke NT 1 as the [b]input[/b] device in Setup>MIDI.

The above steps are how you link Sibelius to VDL2.
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