creating new, mapped staves

I was wondering how one would go about creating a second aux. percussion staff yet maintain the mapping set out by VD:2.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It depends on what notation program you're using. In either case, just create a new staff. Once you've done that, you can assign the mapping to that staff by selecting an appropriate [b]staff type (sibelius)[/b] or by selecting the appropriate VDL2 [b]Percussion Notation Style in the Staff Attributes window (finale).[/b]

Sibelius and Finale documentation will tell you how to make the above settings. Just be sure you're using the appropriate Sibelius or Finale VDL2 template since those mappings will be available from within it.

Key Poulan sent me the .sib file for the SCV Scheherazade show to do a pit book for Langham Creek here in Houston. I went to make a staff type change and the VDL2 staff types were not there. Can I add them into the file, or do I have to cut and paste the entire score into my VDL2 Template?

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I went to make a staff type change and the VDL2 staff types were not there. Can I add them into the file, or do I have to cut and paste the entire score into my VDL2 Template?
Due to the fact that there are some pretty nasty bugs in how Sibelius exports/imports house styles, there's unfortunately not a reliable way to import the VDL2 staff types into a score that doesn't already contain them. I know it's a bit tedious, but pasting the music into your VDL2 template will likely be the most effective method.

Quick bit of advice when doing so...before you do the pasting, I recommend you start by inserting all key signatures, rehearsal numbers, and time signatures, making certain that your VDL2 score contains the exact same number of measures. Then paste just one staff's music (triple or quadruple click that staff in the old score so the entire staff is framed, then select ";copy";. Then, in the new score, click once in the empty first measure of that staff so it's framed, and select ";paste";.) Once the music has been pasted in, look through the part being sure that the music at each rehearsal letter is as you'd expect to see it. If it is, you have your new template configured correctly. If it doesn't, you may have missed a bar along the way, and you should fix it before proceeding or it'll get messy. This sounds like a lot of work, but in actuality, it only takes maybe about 10 minutes or so to get it all ship-shape and ready for pasting.

Once you've done this, you'll find your VDL2 staff types are all there for you to play with. When playing back an older (VDL1) score such as this, you'll want to load the VDL1 versions of the snare/tenor/bass/cym battery instruments (in VDL2) to ensure they'll play properly since that's what was used when the score was written. And also set their staff type accordingly in measure 1.

Good luck with Langham Creek! Hope this helps.
Just did all that, but now none of the sounds will work at all! It's the same problem that I had mentioned in an earlier thread. The devices test just fine, the devices are set to the correct sound set, all the mixer settings are correct but when I test each channel through the mixer window I get nothing, even on the General MIDI tracks. I thought I had this file preparation stuff down pretty well but I guess not :)

I tried opening some other files that are only General MIDI and even they don't work now. Does that info help nail down where the problem is? Is this something I should consult with Sibelius or NI on?
Fixed it, sorry to keep bothering you!

My MIDI setup in K2 was set with my General MIDI sound card to off.

Yes, go ahead, call me an idiot :)
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