Making Recordings?

How does one go about making a recording of their music with Virtual Drumline Sounds using an Apple Computer and Sibelius 3?

Good evening everyone,

Since this thread is discussing recording one's output with
a Mac, VDL2, and Sibeius, I'd like to know if there is any
component of the TOAST software/program that
would allow one to do so much like Wiretap Pro?
Or is TOAST limited to external recording and
CD burning?  I know our music arranger, Michael Klesch,
used his laptop and TOAST to record the band
performing.  Thought that maybe it had some
other useful functions.  Just curious.
See you all at PASIC.  Safe travels!

Take care!
As far as I knew, Toast was simply geared toward CD/DVD burning. I don't know all its ins and outs though. Perhaps check the Roxio website for all the features.
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