Major bug in Finale 2006 for Mac

I recieved this email today. While I haven't noticed this particular issue, I've got problems with Finale 2006 and a QSR sound module.



Dear Finale Macintosh User,

Due to a problem in the Finale installer, IMPORTANT USER FILES MAY BE DELETED FROM YOUR MACINTOSH COMPUTER DURING FINALE INSTALLATION unless the following precaution is taken. 

BEFORE INSTALLING FINALE, navigate to the [current user]/Library/Application Support folder and delete the folder named MakeMusic.

[Note that the MakeMusic folder appears here ONLY if you've previously installed Finale.]

The above step ensures your User/Library/Application Support folder is not deleted during installation. This folder contains user preference files for some applications. Please note this problem does not occur with any Finale for Windows installations.

We will be sending you updated installation discs, at our expense, that do not require this additional step. 

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you and let us know if you have any questions.

MakeMusic Customer Support
Ted, thank you very much for posting this notice! Hopefully it will help some Mac users bypass potential problems from installing Finale 2006.
There is a pre-installer now available from Coda to fix the bug I posted about earlier. If you have already recieved your FIN2k6 discs wait before you install. New discs with a fixed installer should be sent out as soon as they are ready. For more info it is best to go to the Coda/MakeMusic website and check the forums.

Ted Boliske
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