Sample rate adjustment with Finale 2006/VST plug-in

First let me say how much I've truly enjoyed Virtual Drumline 2. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT! So, here's my question/problem:

Up until now I've been using VD2 as a standalone unit and connecting it to Finale 2005 with a virtual midi cable. It's been working great, I just had to work a few bugs out. I have a 1.33GHz, 1.25GB, Intel Celeron, Windows XP set-up. One of the first things I figured out was that if I adjusted the sample rate down to 22100 that I could load almost 2 full banks into memory (because laptop HD's are too slow) with little to no lag. This has been working great without killing my memory and just the occasional crash on REALLY big ensemble moments. So along comes Finale 2006.

I was really excited to hear that Finale 2006 supported VST plug-ins. It meant I could just establish my template of sounds and have everything load at once ready to go. (Now let me say, I've used Finale for almost 10 years and have been reluctant to switch to Sibelius because of my knowledge base with Finale). Anyway, I set-up my template and start to load and next thing I know I'm getting the ";Memory Low"; warning. It seems the set-up option completely disappeared from the VST plug-in version of VD2 and Finale 2006 has no adjustment function that I can find for sample rate size. So all my sounds are 2x the size they were before. I'm bowing at the alter of the all-knowing VD2 Gods in the hope that you might know of a trick with VST plug-ins or some 3rd party software that would allow me to change the sample rate size back down to the lower setting. Thanks

Scott H
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Hi Scott. Glad to hear you've been having such great success with VDL2 thus far. I'm impressed...Celeron processors aren't technically supported, but it sounds like you've managed to work aroud that limitation, so kudos to you!

The sample rate option is naturally not going to be there when you're running VDL2 as a VST plug-in. This setting is generally application specific, which is why you see it when running VDL2 in stand-alone mode. Different host applications (in your case, Finale 2006) will usually offer this setting in their own way, as there's a standard setting for it. I haven't yet received my personal copy of Finale 2006, so I can't say for sure. You may want to look for some sort of program option for ";sample rate";, audio card settings, buffer size, etc...things of that nature. Or try posting the same query on the finalemusic forums, as I'm sure there are many people that might know the answer there.

In the meantime, if anyone else has the early jump on 2006 and may know how to set audio output to 22K rather than 44.1, feel free to chime in.
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