Well I'm getting sounds to go through Finale.  When I set up the Snare AUTO RL sample to go through, all i get is duts and buzzes with a metronome on the top staff.  If I click on the c staff line, no sound happens.  I tried messing with the mod wheel, but it seems the only way I can get snare hits is to change the octave level.  Then the snare hits end up on the b below the staff.  What can I do?  By the way, I'm just entering the music in manually through Finale. 
On another note,  (probably related)  When I enter tenor notes on the corresponding staves, i don't get the normal drum sounds.  Shouldnt I be able to click on the top line and hear Drum 1?  I get other sounds.  I guess what im wondering is, There are so many variations to snare and tenors, etc. but only so many places to put them on the staff.  What am I missing? 
What you are missing is the key maps. Every sound in VDL2 is assigned a specific key or note. This triggers the playing of that sound. Using just a mouse will get you what you are hearing right now. You would be better off with a midi keyboard to enter notes or use your computer's keyboard to enter the correct pitches. Also, make sure you arre using the VDL templates which have the key maps already formatted.

Ted Boliske
My problem is that I am using a Laptop, so I wouldnt be able to travel with a midi keyboard.  I dont mind using my regular keyboard but does that mean I have to use speedy entry?  I downloaded the newest template for Finale 2003.  That should already have the keymaps in there right? 

Here's an example.  When I click on a note with my mouse on the ";shot drum";  ";g"; staff, I get a high jam block instead.  Hope that helps!!
My two cents is what Ted said.�� The templates won't work the way you want them to without using the keyboard, and honestly I've resigned myself to not mess with the grand design.�� It's light and depending what you carry with your laptop, it might fit in your case.�� The only way to keep it simple is to have a midi keyboard with you.�� I use the M-Audio Oxygen 8.�� The only way to get a keyboard smaller than that (that [i]I[/i] can think of, that is) is to get a Prodikeys from Creative, which will give you a full-sized keyboard with three octaves of a midi keyboard at the bottom.

Good luck.
Using a MIDI keyboard is really the best, quickest method for entering these types of advanced notations. For travelling, I'm a big fan of the new M-Audio O2. Kind of like the Oxygen 8's new sibling, but lighter and thinner. Very easy as a separate carry-on if you're flying.
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