VD2 on older laptop

I'm currently using an older Emachine laptop with a 2.8ghz Celeron Processor.  I've upgraded the ram to the max the computer can handle (1 gig), but am worried that the slower processor will hinder the performance of VD2.  I am also using Sibelius 3.1.2.  Is my laptop going to be able to handle this?  I'd rather not have to spring for a new computer for a while if I can help it.
VDL2 isn't officially supported on Windows computers with less then a Pentium 4 or Athlon processor, however we have heard reports of success on Celeron machines. Reducing sample rate in VDL2's soundcard setup, and using minimal instruments would probably give you a better chance of success. You could give it a try, but it's probably one of those ";proceed with caution"; scenarios.
Thanks Jim
I reduced the sample rates and it's running fine-even with full battery and pit sounds.  Thanks again!
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