DEMO: Orchestral Commercial

Here's another little project I've been working on. It uses VDL2 percussion sounds in more of an orchestral setting featuring VDL2's Trash Can and Taiko Drum among several other instruments. This was all created natively within Logic using several instances of VDL2, and some different orchestral libraries that I like to use including EWQLSO, Project Sam, Prosonus, and GPO.
That's awesome Jim, really like that very driving drumset-y groove on unconventional instruments.

When will this project be released? 
Thanks Justin!
It's supposed to be used as part of the 'higlights' montage that they'll be showing on the big jumbotron during Drum Corps International finals during the retreat Saturday night at Gillette Stadium. It's slated to follow a more driving rock thing, hence the guitar power chord at the end. This montage doesn't get edited until the last minute, so we'll see how it turns out. If anyone's going to be there (I won't :)), let me know how it sounds in the big stadium! Thanks again.
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