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I'm currently writing some pit parts for a marching show.  I have Sib. 3 and VD.  I want to set up one staff for each front ensemble member.  Obviously they will all have a primary instrument (usually a keyboard), but I want to also have other parts written in (sus. cymbal, crotales, and other accessories).  Is it possible to have multiple instruments written on the same staff as the primary keyboard parts?  If so, how do I set it up?
I'll assume you're using VDL2 since you're posting in the VDL2 boards? The best way to facilitate this would be to use Kontakt 2, and load a separate ";instrument bank"; for each pit staff. In this instrument bank, you'd load each VDL2 sound you want for that particular player. When you want (for instance) your Marimba 2 player to switch to tambourine, you'd do so by typing a ";program change"; into Sibelius, which would in turn swap out what instrument is currently set in that particular K2 bank.

Program changes are not possible if you are strictly using the VDL2 Kontakt Player. If you decide to upgrade to K2, you can get a discount as a registered VDL2 user, by going to the VDL2 ";about"; screen, and following the links to ";upgrade."; Or if you qualify for the academic edition, I think it's even a better deal.
FYI, I got an e-mail today telling me that as a Kontakt player owner (VDL2) that I qualify for 50% off of Kontakt 2.  You should definitely look into that!

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