Problem with Sibelius freezing

Tapspace, I encountered a problem with Sibelius and VDL2 today and I have no idea why.  Everything work fine this morning but locked up this afternoon and no, I didn't do anything special.  Finished what I was doing, saved it, shut the system down.  Ran the program again in the afternoon without any success and lots of frustration.  While in Sibelius, when I select any percussion note, my system would lock up Sibelius.  So, I reinstalled Sibelius all the way to  3.1.3.  That, of course, caused problems for me with VDL2.  So, I uninstalled VDL2 and attempted to reinstall today (tonight?).  Excuting the install .exe, the program just ran and ran and ran and ran and. . .well, you get the idea.  It wouldn't reinstall.

Any recommendations?

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The crash you were experiencing may have been a MIDI loop which can occur if you have Sibelius' Input device, and output device set to the same thing. This has been discussed at various times in these forum topics, and is definitely something you want to avoid.

You probably didn't need to do something as drastic as reinstalling software, but now that you're committed, it'll help if you can offer some clear, step-by-step descriptions of exactly what you've done. Before you started to re-install VDL2, did you uninstall it using Window's Add/Remove Software control panel? If so, you should check your ";Program Files"; folder, and double-check that the ";Tapspace"; folder has been completely removed. The uninstaller may have removed most files, but if you see the program folder, or any remains of it, you should manually throw them away. Then do the re-install.

Also, keep in mind that the installer will appear to run especially slow toward the end (while it's installing the three very large .nks files). Some people make the mistake of thinking the installer is broken, when really it's just loading in some very large files. It can take up to a half hour, so be patient.

If you need further help, please be very detailed in your steps.
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