VDL2 versus VDL1 Notehead changes?

Using VDL 1, I had this notehead setup: + for use as a tenor crossover, now in VDL2 I have recreated it, however I am only able to use noteheads up to #87. My tenor crossover notehead is in #88 but it changes the notehead to a standard notehead and plays back a crush. Frustrating, and I know that's not the best explanation. Maybe someone else has come across this and has a vague idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks guys!

I do crossovers a different way in Sibelius, which might be useful to avoid the problem...

I use the '+' that appears above the stem, which can be found in the 4th tab of the keypad. It allows me to use the regular notehead (and get the correct sound) but still effectively show the crossovers.

Hope that helps!
I know this is an older topic, but I have found that using the number 16 note head offers an alternative to an articulation marking.  It is the triangle notehead, so I guess the logic could be that the crossing hand goes over or above (triangle=arrow point up) the other.

NOTE: This notehead doesn't change the sound, so no problems there.
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