More than 8 channels in Standalone

Win XP
AMD 1.8 GHz
1.23 GB RAM
Sib 3
Maple Midi Tools

I have been using only the battery templates from VDL:1 for a while now by loading a standalone VDL:2.  Everything is configured correctly for proper playback in Sibelius.

When making the switch over to learn the new keymaps today, I am unable to play all of my drumline sounds.  I loaded one instance of VDL:2 with 1-Glock, 2-Xylo, 3-Vibes (Can you use just this one loaded sound for two different vibe parts without complications?), 4-Mar (Same question), 5-Chimes, 6-Timpani, 7-Combo Rack A.  I was attempting to load another instance of VDL:2 with only the Lite Battery parts in the first four slots but assigning them the Channels 8-11.  All of the sounds in the first instance play back correctly (and beautifully, I might add!), however, the battery sounds are being less cooperative.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the Standalone does not support more than one instance.  Does that mean I really have to shell out $270 for Kontakt 2 after all?

Mike, thanks for the thorough analysis of what you're attempting and experiencing.

Technically, in stand-alone only one instance is supported. However, I've heard that Windows users have had success in running two standalone players successfully. If you want to try your luck, on the second instance you'd want to set the MIDI-IN to Maple PORT 2, whereas the first instance would be set to PORT 1. Again, this is an unconventional way to work, so caveat emptor. :)

A few other points:
The most common method of running multiple instances of VDL2 would be to use a host program. Many of these can be downloaded as demos so you can try before you buy. I believe most of them are significantly less expensive than the Kontakt 2 route. Check the listing of host programs at:
Another benefit of using a host program like this is that you can save your presets, and many of these programs will have a built-in ";record"; option for when you want to make your recordings.

Kontakt 2 won't host actual instances of the VDL2 player, but rather, the VDL2 instruments themselves will load directly into K2 via its file browser. This is typically how I like to work since it'll allow me to save my presets, and (technically) allows for 64 channels of MIDI, and each channel can access a bank of 127 sounds. I'll typically have about 50 instruments or so loaded into a standalone instance of Kontakt 2. Then, when I want to make a recording in Logic, I can host Kontakt 2 as a plug-in, load my presets for that tune, and work completly within the sequencer environment.

To answer your question about sending multiple staves to one vibraphone or marimba. Yes - you can do this. You won't have the advantage of timbral differences coming from different staves, but it'll work. Since this means the instrument will be responsible for multiple players, you may want to increase the polyphony setting as you'll likely max it out quickly this way. To do this, read the ";polyphony"; section on page 26 of the VDL2 user guide. It's pretty simple. While you're at it, if you have DFD active, it'd be a good idea to max out the number of voices to 256 (in the ";options"; window).
Works like a charm, baby!

I will eventually thrown down over $700 for the Logic stuff and a new smokin' Mac.  Joanis has been working on me for a while on the merits of Logic.

This place is a great resource.  Thanks for a wonderful product.

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