I can't get VD sounds to playback in Sibelius 2

I loaded the soundfont into AudioHQ. I can hear the sounds on the keyboard function, but when I use Sibelius, I still only hear MIDI piano sounds.  A similar thread is running about this, but i followed all the instructions in that one and I still get nothing.

I have VD in Bank 001.
I have ";High Bank"; on 1.
I have the S,T,B,C all on different channels.
I have them in Program as 0,1,5,7.
I have VD selected in Devices
I have the corresponding device selected in the mixer.

I dont' know what else to do.  I've been trying to fix this for several weeks.  Please help.
Thanks in advance.

There is no device called ";Virtual Drumline"; or ";VDL";. Your soundcard is the device. You should check in AudioHQ to see what's set as your default output device, make a note of it, then set that as the playback device within Sibelius (in the ";devices"; window), and also as the device option within the Sibelius Mixer for each staff. It'll probably be called ";Creative Audigy Synth A"; or something to that effect.
Jim, thanks for your reply, but I still can't get it to work.  What am I doing wrong?

If you're trying to play VDL soundfonts through your SoundBlaster card, you need to

A) load the soundfont bank into an available bank in the card (via AudioHQ)
B) In AudioHQ>Soundfont>Options, there should be a setting for ";soundfont device."; Take note of what this is set to.
C) Choose the device you checked in step B (above) as the playback device in Sibelius, setting channels/program numbers as you've described in your original post.
D) In the Sibelius Mixer, for each instrument, be sure you've selected the device (again, same device as in step B above), program numbers, bank high (set to the bank you've loaded your soundfont), and a unique midi channel for each instrument. It may be best to just ignore the ";sound"; pulldown menu here in the mixer as it can cause problems depending on your computer configuration. It's ok if it's set to ";piano"; or ";accordian"; or something odd like that....just ignore that field. It's there as a convenience for General MIDI users.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Soundblaster tutorial video on VDL1 at:

If none of the above tips give you success, you may have to go into your ";Sounds and Audio Devices"; control panel, and under ";AUDIO";, set your default MIDI Playback Device to that which you noted in step B above.

If you're still stuck and need to post again, please be as thorough about describing your exact settings in the Sibelius Mixer and Audio HQ. Without specifics about how you've configured these variables, the best any of us can do is make educated guesses.

Good luck!
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