Hello All!

Does anyone who uses No. 1 Sound Recorder have any suggestions
on how I might get the best possible quality of recording using Finale and
VDL2.  When I record together the winds and battery sounds
for our marching band; and we play them back using our outdoor
sound system; the recordings are quite ";harsh.";  We have a brand-new
state-of-the-art sound system and outdoor speakers, so I
doubt they are the culrpits, so to speak.  Seems like I
could engage some pre-emptive adjustments within my computer's
volume control and maybe the buffer and other settings in No. 1
Sound Recorder to get a better result.  If you need more specifics
please let me know.  I look forward to your comments.


Neal H. Flum
Associate Director of Athletic Bands
University of Alabama

I've used No. 1 Sound Recorder for a while and I like it when I'm in a rush.  But, I've learned that I need to turn the winds down considerably so they don't wash out and distort.  Problem with that is that makes the percussion unnaturally loud.

My suggestion is to run the battery, then the pit, then the winds.  Then, assuming you have some sort of sequencer, you can mix the 3 together and have it sound a lot better.

Another thing to think about, No. 1 only records what it hears coming from your speakers.  So, if the volume is too low, the recording is quiet.  If it's too loud, it gets interesting sounding.
If you decide to follow Bill's suggestion to do multiple passes (winds/battery/pit) separately, you'll need a multi-track audio editing program (which is really the best way to do this stuff anyway). There is a free program called Audacity that may be able to do this for you. I haven't used it, so I'm not sure. Ideally, it's best to do recordings with a multi-track program that handles both midi and audio such as sonar, cubase, nuendo, logic, etc. There may be lower-cost alternatives such as cakewalk home studio worth looking into.
Translation...";Bill's ideas are really stupid and he should stick to not speaking.";  :)

(all in good humor of course)
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