O2 Mod wheel playback & Sibelius

I will input notes on a certain staff like marimba or timpani as a roll (mod wheel adjustment).  Those notes will not play back correctly once the mod wheel has been changed to a different setting.

Is there a way to make a note set on a certain mod wheel setting permanent (independently of the current setting of the mod wheel)?

[u]as a side:[/u] The O2 by M-Audio (purchased through Tapspace.com) is a neat little machine.  However, I purchased it for easy travel between work and home.  It turns out that I am unable to run the device on Win 2000 that our school district works on.  They haven't gotten around to making a driver yet.  If anybody knows a way around this, then I would be grateful.  The mouse entry in Sibelius is tortuous at best!

Mike - Simply changing the mod-wheel setting on your keyboard will not induce the mod-wheel change during playback. The physical mod-wheel on your O2 is great for auditioning these different sounds, but if you want Sibelius to play them back, the mod wheel messages need to be entered directly into your Sibelius score. Thus, Sibelius is ";performing"; these midi commands, just as it does other midi values such as note-on, note-off, velocity, pitch, etc. Use ";Technique Text"; and type the following syntax to activate a midi message for controller 1 (aka mod-wheel).

~C1,127  (this means the mod-wheel is all the way up)


~C1, 1 (this means the mod-wheel is down)

Typing midi messages directly into Sibelius score is a very powerful feature. Look in your Sibelius documentation under ";Midi Messages"; for more information.

This same topic was also discussed in this thread:

Hope this helps!

Is the ~C1 command referencing a constant mod-wheel setting from within Sibelius?  The mod-wheel on the O2 says Controller 11 on it (I think...it's at home).  Would that change it to ~C11?
Oh, no Mike. C1 should almost always mean ";mod-wheel"; in MIDI jargon. C7 is midi volume, C64 is sustain, etc.

The c11 you see on your O2 is probably more confusing than anything. I'm not exactly sure why they labeled it that way, but that won't have any bearing on if you use controller 1 to indicate 'mod wheel' messages in your scores. Stick to typing in the midi commands using standard controller numbers, and you won't go wrong.
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