VD2 Sounds decay

I'm having trouble that I havent encountered before.  I am writing a cadence for battery only.  Everything is going smooth and then I get to one bar that throws me off.  Here's what I have.  2 triplets in the tenor part  at the beginning of a measure with only a bass unison on 1 of that bar.  The sound I am using is rimshots on drum 2.  The 1st triplet sounds like it is 100 yards away, and the next triplet begins to come in by the last two notes.  Now I know I have the computer to do it because I have done full ensemble work before.  The rest of the cadence sounds fine.  I just dont know why successive rimshots have thrown it off.  Also here's one more thing.  When I enter the rimshots on the midi keyboard, the sound dies as I keep pressing the key.  I'm still keeping the velocity the same.  I even went into Finale 2003's midi controller and tried to do it from there, but it still did the same thing.  What am I missing?

Windows XP
Finale 2003
Pentium 4M 1.7 ghz
1 gig Ram
Are you loading your VDL2 sounds into Kontakt 2 by chance?
Yes I am.�� What am I missing?
This is a small bug in how K2 interprets the programming of VDL2 (which is originally in 1.5.3 format) that will be fixed in a future library update. For people [i]not[/i] using Kontakt 2, this problem doesn't occur. Fortunately in the meantime, there's an easy workaround to fix it.

On the instrument that's giving you problems, click the ";edit"; (wrench) button.
Click the ";group editor"; button.
Click the ";edit all groups"; button so that it's bright red.
Scroll down to the section that says ";modulation";.
Find the ";retrigger"; button, and click it either two or three times so that it's bright yellow.

This should fix the problem. If so, I'd suggest re-saving the multi so you don't have to do this every time you open the file.
That worked.  Thanks so much!
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