Hyperscribe and VD2

Hi folks...

I'm using VD2 with Finale 2005.  I set everything up and it works fine except...
When I try inputting notes with the Hyperscribe tool, I don't hear any click off or click while recording.  This only happens when I have my MIDI out device is set up for the virtual MIDI cable.  It works fine when it's on the SmartMusic SoftSynth setting.

Anyone else have this problem?

You can alter your ";click and countoff"; settings via the button in the Playback Controls window in Finale 2005. Here, you can set what channel you want the click to be drawn from. If you've loaded in the ";Snareline FULL"; or ";Snareline LITE"; instruments, there is a Dr. Beat style metronome towards the bottom of the keymap. In Finale's ";click and countoff"; settings, you can make the appropriate settings to use these metronome sounds from the same channel your snareline is mapped to.

If you'd rather trigger click from its own channel, you should probably load a separate VDL2 instrument that will be used as your ";click"; device.

Try using:
VDL2>Load>Combination Instruments>General MIDI Set

In either case, set this loaded instrument to channel 10. You may also have to alter note values to your desired sounds within the chosen instrument.

One last option - again, in Finale's ";click and countoff"; settings, try setting the SOURCE to internal speaker. This may provide the fastest solution, but not being an expert in Finale, I'm not sure if it allows you to play click through internal speaker, while playing MIDI through another device.
Hey thanks a lot Jim.  It works!
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