Shaker Staff Type

Here's an easy one: Which staff-type should I use for the ";Shaker Plastic"; sound? (Well, not so easy that I could figure it out on my own...) I'm not getting the sounds to trigger.

I'm using Sibelius 3, by the way.

Thank you,
OK, there was a lot of alcohol.  From what I was told, I had a really good time.  All I know is that I got home at 6am and had to be at work by 7am.

If you want the rest of the details, I'll share in private.  Definately not for the youngns',  :)
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When it's not 3:12 in the morning and I just got home from a ";the bastards at work missed my bachelor party so this is making up for it"; bachelor party, IM me on Yahoo or AOL at drumcorpbc and I can walk you through it.

I'm still in therapy for making the Sibelius templates for VDL:2  :)
This is all done in the ";Edit Staff Types"; window and is fairly simple to learn on your own with some trial and error. Just ask Bill. :) He's become somewhat of an expert here. If you decied to do this, be sure to realize that on any given staff line or space, there can not be more than one of the same notehead assigned (hence all the identical looking noteheads). Also, if you ever have to create a new notehead, be sure to give it a unique name (in the ";edit noteheads"; window). Not doing so can cause some big problems behind the scenes which I've had the pleasure of learning the hard way.

Thanks! Just used a 5 line staff and it worked like a charm!

Hey, but just out of curiousity, I'd really like to know how you go about making your own staff. Knowing that sort of thing could come in really handy.

There wasn't a shaker staff template created.  One of two solutions.  1) You can make one on your own (which one of us can walk you through) or, 2) change the staff type to pitched 5 lines (no key signature).
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