Creating Midi or MP3 files using finale 2003

im trying to create audio files using VDl:2 and finale 2003. but when i try to save as a midi file, it plays with piano sounds. kinda strange. HELP!
MIDI is just data, no actual ";sounds"; are saved in a MIDI file.  But, the notes that were entered are saved.  So what you would do is write your parts in Finale, and save it as a MIDI file.

If you have a DAW or sequencer (like Logic Pro 7, DP 4, Cubase, and I think the newer version of Garage Band) you can load in the MIDI data.  Next, you would open VDL 2 as a Virtual Instrument and load up the sounds you want.  After tweeking the mix to your liking, you can bounce the MIDI data down to a stereo interleaved aiff/MP3/whatever kind of audio file you want.
The save as midi feature will only play back piano sounds.  Like Ted mentioned, you need a recording program or a sequencer to open your midi file in and edit and burn from there.
First question would be, what are you using to playback your saved midi file? MIDI files only store information about the performance not the performance itself, note on/off, velocity type info. An mp3 is actual audio recorded at a lower resolution, less digital sound information.

You will need some way to record VDL as it plays back through Finale, a program like Wire Tap which would record the sound as it goes through your computer. An other option would be a digital audio/sequesncer program such as Logic or Digital Performer on the Mac side or the windows equivilant.

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