Problems with Finale 2005 Template for VDL2


For some reason, the new Finale 2005 Template for VDL2 will not allow me to change time signatures. I also have VD1 and never experienced any problems changing time signatures.  I'm on Windows XP.

Any ideas?

To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing in the Tapspace templates that should affect the insertion of time signatures. The customization in the templates has to do with percussion mapping which is completely unrelated to what you're describing.

Are you sure you're inputting your time signatures correctly?
The Finale 05 template has ";Use a different time signature for display"; checked by default.

In the time signature window click the more choices button, uncheck ";Use a different time signature for display.";

That should take of this problem.
I know this is an old post, but I was having the exact same problem with the time signature and couldn't remember how I fixed it before.  I decided to check the forum and I found this post with a search.  Thanks DCCollins for your great observation!!  Still helping out a year later.  I just clicked on the time signature tool, double clicked on the staff and Voila!  There it was, big as day...";use a different time signature for display";.  As soon as I clicked the OK button, my time signature was what I wanted.


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