kONTAKT player issues

im not sure what i did, but for some reason, but my kontakt is reacting to the sound that is being played through my speakers. and also, when i try to use my speedy entry tool, its acting like the sounds from my speakers are a midi input. its irritating b/c i cant watch my family guy episodes while working on music!! i havent changed any settings, it started doing it after i installed audacity, to record my VDl:2 files. help!
Hi Maxpower - First, take a deep breath. Now, please realize there's no real way for anyone here to really know what is going on with your system unless you clearly outline the details of your setup. It will also be more helpful if you clearly state what is happening. You'll likely find more helpful suggestions if you refrain from shouting and generalities like ";Help!"; or ";I don't know what I did"; Stay calm, and realize the solution is probably a simple one having to do with how you've configured your various hardware and software. Is it possible your soundcard (what type of card?) doesn't like outputting multiple sources of audio? I'm not sure. That question may be better answered by your computer or soundcard manufacturer.
sorry i sound like im freaking out, im really not. i figured out the problem. audacity had a setting that i think caused all sound from my card to be interpreted as a midi player. kinda strange, but i fixed it.
It's amazing how often solutions end up being arrived at through simple means. Glad to hear you've got it figured out now Maxpower. Have fun!
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