Conga Pitches

How many pitches of congas are included in VD2?
For congas, ther are two different drums (pitches) used in VDL2, and two different conga instrument mappings. One mapping uses ";Auto Right/Left"; features, and the other allows you to manually choose LH and RH strokes for each sound (heel/toe, open slap, muted slap, open tone, bass tone). There are also a basic set of high/low conga articulations included with the ";Latin Combo"; instrument which also contains bongos, timbales, shaker, claves, shekere within one instrument.

You can get a brief idea of what the drums sound like in this clip:
Wish List ... If it's possible to add a third conga pitch, that would be nice (as in - '77 Seneca Optimists' tripple conga line). I had an inclination to resurrect some old music.

Yea ... That's right ... Do it just me�� :-)
if you have Kontakt you can change the pitch, add fx, etc. 
Oh really?? Cool! Can you automatically apply that pitch to a specific note throughout an entire score.

I haven't played around with Kontakt, even though I guess it's included in Sibelius. Doesn't VD2 include Kontakt as well? I've just been doing things in the most basic way possible. I'm really going to need to get up to speed on this stuff.
Kontakt isn't the same as ";Kontakt Player"; (which is what VDL2 ships in, as well as what comes with Sibelius). Each KPlayer is specific to a particular library of sounds, and will only play the sounds that come with it, so there are a variety of such products (like VDL2). KONTAKT is the actual programming environment where these instruments are created. It's a bit technical for folks who are just interested in playing sounds, but yes, these types of edits are possible within Kontakt.

Adding a third Conga is something that we may be able to accommodate for a future update of course.
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