maple midi tools

I tried to download Maple Midi Tools (I switched to a new laptop) and the website ( is down.  Anyone know of an an alternative that I can use?
The marblesound website has been down for a while now unfortunately. We're told it will be back soon, but it's hard to know when that may be. In the meantime, I might suggest using MIDI Yoke from Note, if you choose to go this route, be sure to click the ";midi yoke"; link in the left column as it's not the same software as midiOx. Also, be sure to follow their well-written installation tutorial to ensure proper installation.

Otherwise, there is a temporary mirror to the Maple Virtual MIDI Cable at this link (hopefully it'll be there as long as the marblesound site is down):

good luck!
Thanks Jim,

This product is the coolest thing ever.  And congrats on the Cavies gig -- your arranging is amazing.
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