Cymbal note on Xylo

In my xylophone part, I am writing in some cymbal notes.  I haven't figured out how to switch to a sample with a cymbal note (that would also be helpful).  I am writing notes that need to be silent.  It seems that the Shift-Alt-9 silent note is not very silent.  Also, it should look like a cymbal note ('x";).

The easiest would be to determine how to switch to different instrument sets

Also, using Plogue Bidule (rocks!) in addition to setup below.

...hope that makes sense...lots of writing and everything is running together!
Using Sibelius, the best way to get a cymbal sound is to use a program change as a midi message. In order to do that, you would need Kontakt 2 and load the xylophone and one of the cymbal voices into a program bank.

Unfortunately, unless things have changed in Sibelius 4, I don't believe Sibelius will handle a channel change for your midi voices.

I'm not familiar enough w/ the silent notes but you should be able to highlight that note and then do Ctrl+Alt+P to bring up the properties window and you can change the notehead under the notes tab.

I assume these controls are the Same in Sibelius 4 but that is the way it is in Sibelius 3.
Thanks for the help, G-money.

I really need to shell out the buckaroos for K2, I guess. has it for pretty cheap (comparatively).  Anyone know of Kontakt 2 for cheaper than $269.95?

This ";hearing what you write"; stuff gets expensive!!
Do you currently own Kontakt 1?  If you do, depending on when you bought it, you can upgrade to K2 pretty cheap.
No Kontakt on my computer.  I borrowed it from a friend, so I can see the complicated stuff I would be getting myself into, but never bought it.  Don't worry, it's gone pirating here!

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