mod-wheel settings

how to do? i don't get it  do i type in on on score c1, 00-43 center of head , 44-89 halfway, 90-127 edge and tenor are something else 0-31=sound 1 ect.. can you help
Are you using Finale or Sibelius?  In Sibelius to make a mod-wheel change, also called a controller change, you select the note you want the change to occur on and Press CTRL+T.  Then type ~C1,127 (for at the edge).  The ~ makes it so the message doesn't print.  Make sure there is no space after the comma.  To change it back to normal, type ~C1,1, or anywhere in between for different playing zones.
thanks, i use Sibelius 3. how does one get the tenors to play on rims and to play with wire dreads.if i can figure this out, all my head pounding on the table will stop!
Same way you do to make the snares go from center to edge.  ~C1-31 - shots, ~C32-63 - dreads, ~C64-95 - rods, ~C96-127 - rims.  The note head will not change, but the sound will.  you will need to notate separately what the player should be playing. 

Also, make sure you put the controller change slightly before you want it to happen so it happens properly.
oh i get it! thanks man
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