Question of running VDL:2 multiple times

Hey I know that this has been addressed multiple times and I appolagize for being another one.  I downloaded the Prologue Bidule to try and run my VDL:2 multipe times.  I have Windows XP and Sibelius 3.1.3 and use Maple Midi Tools. 

I dont understand the whole concept of the blue layout of the input, mixer, and output.

Also on a side note, (i dont have a keyboard) is there a way to enter mod-wheel indicators on Sibelius in text?  I have seen the ~C1,1 and ~C1,127 (and all between) but the playback doesnt change.

I will appriciate any help i can get....thanks guys

Concerning Bidule:

Right click to get a menu of bidules (the little blue boxes are called bidules) that can be added
-->VST Instruments
---->Native Instruments Software Synthesis gmbH
------->Virtual Drumline 2

I may have had to tell Bidule (the program) where the folder containing the VDL:2 VST instruments is located on my computer.�� Read all of the ";Getting Started"; Bidule for a ton of help...well...getting started!�� :)

Currently I am running the pit through Maple MIDI 1 and the battery through Maple MIDI 2.�� It seems like I could also link those together under one Maple MIDI, but I have never tried.

Also, Jim has a little tutorial set up in the VDL:2 tutorial section on the main forum index.  It helped me quite a bit.
Take a look at this thread for help on controller changes:
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