Tenors decrescendo using Kontakt 2 and Sibelius 4

Hey all,

When playing back my tenor voice I am getting a very fast decrescendo after each attack almost like there is a fortepiano under every beat. 

I am using the VD:2 samples through Kontakt 2 via Maple Midi Tools.  My snare and bass staves sound great.  Anyone else have this issue with Kontakt 2?


Windows XP
2.4 GHZ 1 GB Ram
Sibelius 4
Kontakt 2
Sonar 4

Have you made sure to ";update"; the sounds in K2?  Load the library like you normally would.  For the tenor instrument, click on the wrench and click on group editor.  Make sure edit all groups is bright red (so all options in box are checked).  Scroll down to the bottom and click on retrigger so it's orange.  See if that helps.
Thanks, Bill.  I will try your suggestion once I get home from work today and will update the forum on the progress.


Edit:  That worked, Thanks Bill you get a ";Yay"; and if you ever make it up to Boston, you get a beer.

I will be close to Boston after the first of the year.�� My wife and I are taking our late honeymoon after New Year's up to New York.�� Perhaps a trip to Bahston will be in order.

**UPDATE**  Gabe, I forgot to mention to go ahead and do the same thing to all the battery instruments to make sure the sounds are pure.  There were a couple of hiccups going from Kontakt 1.5 to K2.  Jim's working on a fix, but those steps will work until them.

Are you going to PASIC this year?  We'll have to meet up at the Tapspace booth.
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