PC crashing when entering notes!!!

When I hit certain notes, and not every time either, my pc crashes.
Im using Sibelius 3 and VDL1.
At the moment it seems to be happening when I use the snare right hand key!!

Any suggestions?
How are you using VDL1? Is it loaded into a soundblaster card, or are you running it in a program like Gigastudio, Kompakt, etc.?

What are your settings in Sibelius 3's ";Devices"; window? Be sure your input device and output device aren't set to the same thing. Any other details about your system and configuration will be help in troubleshooting.
Hi jim,
thanks for the speedy response.

I hae VDL1 loaded into a Soundblaster card.
In devices I have Device A: SB Live! Midi Synth set to yes, which is where the VDL sounds are loaded, and the rest set to no.

The Midi out is set to SB Live! Midi UART.
Windows XP, 256mb RAM

I have the Medium set loaded and the soundfont cache is set to 110.50mb in Audio HQ.

Hope that helps.
(The Midi out is set to SB Live! Midi UART)
I'm not sure what this is, but did you mean this is set as your INPUT device? I'm not sure if those soundblaster cards have midi inputs, but in Sibelius' DEVICES window, the INPUT device should be set to whatever your MIDI keyboard is (either a USB keyboard driver that came with the keyboard, or the MIDI interface that a keyboard is connected to).

When you get the crash, is it happening when you click on the actual note on screen, or upon entering the note with your MIDI keyboard? By your description, I'm guessing that you are able to hear VDL sounds responding to note input with Sibelius. It might be worth investigating what your settings are in Start>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices. In there, there's a default MIDI device, that perhaps could be set to your ";SB Live MIDI Synth A";, then in Sibelius' DEVICES window, you could select ";Default Device"; as the main output ('yes'), and the others to 'no'.

Basically, this is sounding like it might just be a slight configuration problem between Sibelius and your soundblaster card. It sounds like the VDL sounds are correctly loaded into your soundblaster bank. I'm guessing on a lot of this since I'm not much of an expert when it comes to soundblaster cards. You may want to check with tech support at Creative Labs to ensure your Soundblaster MIDI devices that are showing up in Sibelius are the correct ones to select from when trying to playback your own loaded soundfont banks.

sorry I did mean to say the midi input device.

In the sounds and audio devices the default is set to Midi Synth A and that is mirrored in the devices section of sibelius!

And yes the pc crashes when I hit the key on the midi keyboard, not when I enterthe note by clicking onscreen!

Thanks for your help thus far!
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