Live Performance use of VDL2

I purchased VDL2 earlier this year and I love it! I am interested in using the vibes, marimba, glock, crotales, and timpani for live performance with MalletKAT triggering.  In the past I was able to use Translator Pro to convert the VDL1 files to Korg files for my Korg Triton Rack. I am now trying to convert VDL2 samples (seen above) so I may load them into my synth rack, but I seem to be having trouble reading the samples without the kontakt player.
Also, are there individual samples of each note of the melodic instruments? How do I access these? When I load them in my Translator program, the playback is heavily distorted.

Are these samples blocked from conversions, and what would you suggest I do to use the samples for live performance?

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The individual samples for VDL:2 are locked down in the Kontakt player.  If you open the Tapspace folder on your computer, you'll see three large files.  All of the samples are in those files and can't be accessed.

I don't know much about the MalletKAT's, but is it possible to run it hooked up to your computer as well as a sound system?  That way you could have the Kontakt player up and have the sounds accessing from there directly.  It would be hard to change instruments obviously, but it's a thought.
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