Recording a voice track over VDL:2

Greetings all!

Let me say as a new VDL:2 user, who has been lurking around this board for a few weeks, that the information and knowledge here is INVALUABLE.

My question I realize is not really VDL:2 related, but I figured this is the best place to ask it.  I am attempting to record a vocal track over a VDL:2 score.  Is there a cheap (read: free) program out there that will allow me to, say, dump the VDL:2 parts (already recorded as a mp3) onto one track and record a voiceover on another?  Hopefully in the end I can save the entire thing as an MP3.  This is most likely some basic studio software, but it is out of the realm of my knowledge.  Please advise!

Again, that’s for all the knowledge floating around here on this forum....Hoping I can contribute my own someday.

Ray Donato
Program Coordinator / Arranger
STRYKE Percussion (PIO)
For Mac you can use Garage Band (free) or PC you can use Audacity (download [url=]here[/url])  Audacity has a plugin for mp3 export you need to download.
Just to clarify, GarageBand is free only when you purchase a new Mac with the current version of iLife. This includes iPhoto, iMovie and iTunes. iTunes will also convert audio files to mp3 format. Also, there is a Mac version of Audacity available as well.

Ted Boliske
Yes, yes yes!  Just what I needed.  Thanks so much...

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