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I have a three questions.

1.  I read that I do not need to download a virtual midi cable since I am using Finale 06.  ([i]I actually already downloaded one as the directions say, but read this info. on forum[/i]) What do I set my input on VD2 and output on Fin06 as?  I have a Laptop PC and us a Sound Blaster external sound card. 

2.  I put music on Finale, and see the blue line moving, telling me there is a signal... but I only hear sound randomly.  Why?

3.  Will there be two finished products?  One that I hand out for a student to read, and one for the student to listen to.  If you look at both compositions on Finale, they will look distinctly different.  True? 

Thank You. 
A question no one has asked yet, how much memory do you have on your laptop and how fast of a processor.  That could have something to do with the cutting in and out.

Also, and I'm not sure of the answer to this, but if you're using VDL:2 in a VST host program (like Finale 2006) is DFD still necessary for computers with limited memory?  Jim you'd probably know best.  If it is usable, try downloading the DFD extension and see if that helps any.
I am not too computer knowledgable... here is everthing I have.  Sorry if I listed stuff that is not needed. 

I have a Dell 6000
    Intel Pentium-M 750 Processor @1.86GHz
    Intel 915 Chipset
    2MB L2 cache
    533 MHz Front-side Bus
    1 GB DDR2 Shared 400MHz SDRAM (2 x 512MB)
          (expandable to 2GB)

Thank you all so much for your support. 

How do I do this?  Explain further if possible.


[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=830.msg3278#msg3278 date=1128645887]
Also, if you are using the VDL2 template from the Tapspace site, only the sounds that are mapped to the desired VDL2 instrument/mapping will play back. So just pointing and clicking anywhere on a staff won't necessarily result in a sound. It has to be a pitch that's assigned to a sound in VDL2. It's easiest to check this on a ";pitched"; staff like a marimba. Drumline mapping (and other percussion instruments) can contain much more complex keymap layouts, resulting in more complex mapping in the Finale percussion map (within the template).

Percussion mapping (within Finale) is an important part of using some of the more complex VDL2 percussion instruments. You can see what map is assigned to a given staff by choosing the STAFF ATTRIBUTES tool, then double-clicking the staff in question. In the Staff Attributes window, you'll see a ";notation style"; setting. When set to ";percussion";, then clicking the setup button next to it, it'll open the percussion mapping window where you can choose from any number of VDL2 mapped instruments (again, you'll only see these if you are using the finale templates from tapspace, found at

If this is a new concept to you, check out your Finale user guide under ";percussion mapping";. Basically it'll allow you to enter, say, a G-sharp on your midi keyboard (for a RH snare hit for example), so when finale notates it, it won't SHOW a G-sharp, but rather a note that appears as an actual snare note. These mappings have noteheads assigned as well, so when you enter a rimshot on your MIDI keyboard (RH on G4, LH on F4), it'll appear on the correct line, with an ";X"; notehead.
Got 'er done.  Here is how...

1.  Open Finale 06
2.  Open VDL2 Template download
3.  Go to MIDI on the task bar (along top)
4.  Check ";PLay Finale through Native INstruments VST";
5.  Go to MIDI on the task bar again
6.  Click on ";Native INstruments set up...";
7.  Set Channel 1-16 as ";Virtual Drum Line";  (if not there... look what Jim told me earlier... above this...)
8.  Click ";edit";
9.  Load desired sounds from the Kontact/VDL2 sound bank

Thanks to all who helped.  Winning advice was from Jim Casella to check out the Finale user manual.  Who would have thought? 

What are my options of VSTI's for finale 2006? I am looking for something that has good orchestral sounds.
Doesn't Finale 2006 come with Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) included?  GPO is a great library, the Finale version is a ";lite"; version.  The full version is at  GPO gives you the most bang for your buck in the orchestral sample field.  The only downer is that there are no Saxophones included, you have to buy the Jazz library or wait for GPO advanced to be released.

[quote author=Cobybos link=topic=830.msg3384#msg3384 date=1130515916]
The full version is at�� GPO gives you the most bang for your buck in the orchestral sample field.�� The only downer is that there are no Saxophones included, you have to buy the Jazz library or wait for GPO advanced to be released.

Any idea when this [i]GPO Advanced[/i] will be released?

Check the GPO forums at Northern Sounds. GPOA sounds like it will be an ambitious undertaking with lots of cool new stuff in it, but I doubt they've committed to an actual release date yet.
Gotcha!  Thanks Jim!!
It's true that if you are using Virtual Drumline 2 within Finale 2006 (by loading it as a VSTi plugin), you don't need to fuss with the Virtual MIDI Cable process. The VDL2 manual was written before Finale 2006 was available.

To use VDL2 as a VSTi plug-in within Finale 2006, go to the MIDI menu in Finale and check ";Play Finale through Native Instruments VST";. Then, you need to set up your instruments by selecting (again from the MIDI menu) ";Native Instruments VST Setup";.

Finale will allow you to load up to 8 banks of players, and each bank has the capability of running 16 channels. So in the various pulldown menus, you can assign any installed NI VST players, then click the corresponding ";edit"; button to assign the various sounds/instruments/settings within. If you do not see Virtual Drumline 2 as an option here, it's not installed in the right place. When you installed VDL2, you should have had the option to install the VST plugin version as well. If you did that, you probably have a file called [b]VirtualDrumline2VST.dll[/b] in Drive>Program Files>Vstplugins. You should copy that, and place this file in Drive>Program Files>Finale 2006>FinaleVST. Once you've done this, restart Finale, and you should see VDL2 as an NI VST plug-in option within Finale.

The way most people work, they'll hand out parts (notation) that are printed so students can read the music on the page. Secondly, they'll create a playback recording with an audio recording program (like Audacity which you can download for free at:, so they can share the recording with students, drill writers, instructors, etc. via MP3 or CD.

As it stands right now, Finale 2006 users can only playback their scores using NI VST playback (GPO, VDL2, etc), or Finale's own soundfont playback device ";SmartMusic SoftSynth"; which is found as a MIDI-OUT device within the MIDI setup window. You can't combine playback sources from both devices. Also, at the current time Finale hasn't made it possible to record audio from NI plugins via Finale's ";Save as Audio File"; feature. That only works with SmartMusic SoftSynth playback, which is why it's necessary to use a separate audio recording program to capture audio playback to make recordings. Finale's supposedly working on a feature that will allow for recording from NI plugins in the near future.

Hope this helps...
Thank you so much.

I did everything.  You were totally right on all of it.  Problem is... I get no sound.  Still.

What now?  What do I set up the input as on VD2?  I downloaded Midi yoke... but dont need it.  SO... what do I set to ";yes"; and what to ";no?"; 

Thank you so much for your time.  I just want to get started... I promise to keep up on forum, and contribute, as I am planning on using this program a lot. 

No worries Paul. Once you get past the first ";huh?"; hurdle, you'll find it's actually quite logical and not so intimidating. do not need MIDI Yoke if you're running VDL2 directly inside Finale 2006 as a plugin.

Have you tried loading an instrument by opening the VDL2 window (in Finale)? If so, you'll see some blue highlighted keys on the on-screen keyboard. Try clicking them with your mouse. If you aren't hearing sound, you may need to check your soundcard, or that your speakers are turned on.

Also, have you read any of the Finale user manual in regards to Native Instruments VST Setup? This might be helpful as well.
That is it as well.  I get a sound on the Kotact player, once I load them.  Sounds great coming through my soundblaster card, and speaker system.  CANT WAIT, actually to get it figured out.  so cool. 

It just doesnt make a sound when I put notation into Finale.  I will try what you suggested and get back to you. 

thank you again!

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