Finale 06, sounds

I have a three questions.

1.  I read that I do not need to download a virtual midi cable since I am using Finale 06.  ([i]I actually already downloaded one as the directions say, but read this info. on forum[/i]) What do I set my input on VD2 and output on Fin06 as?  I have a Laptop PC and us a Sound Blaster external sound card. 

2.  I put music on Finale, and see the blue line moving, telling me there is a signal... but I only hear sound randomly.  Why?

3.  Will there be two finished products?  One that I hand out for a student to read, and one for the student to listen to.  If you look at both compositions on Finale, they will look distinctly different.  True? 

Thank You. 

Are you using a midi keyboard to enter notes into finale or just the mouse with piont and click?
Also, check the midi setup in the VDL player. If your keyboard/controller is not check/turned on you will not hear the sounds as you enter them, but will hear them on playback.

It's always the simple things.

Ted Boliske
Also, if you are using the VDL2 template from the Tapspace site, only the sounds that are mapped to the desired VDL2 instrument/mapping will play back. So just pointing and clicking anywhere on a staff won't necessarily result in a sound. It has to be a pitch that's assigned to a sound in VDL2. It's easiest to check this on a ";pitched"; staff like a marimba. Drumline mapping (and other percussion instruments) can contain much more complex keymap layouts, resulting in more complex mapping in the Finale percussion map (within the template).
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