Announcement: The VDL Parking Lot Composition Contest

For immediate release:

Have your Virtual Drumline composition published worldwide!
Tapspace announces the [url=][b]Virtual Drumline Parking Lot Composition Contest.[/b][/url]


Do you have a good idea for a battery jam? Enter your piece in the Virtual Drumline Parking Lot Composition Contest. The grand prize winner will be awarded a publishing contract for worldwide availability of their piece including ongoing royalties. Show the world what you've got and enter now. Click the above link for all the details.

Best of luck to all entrants!
Nope.  I'm sure the anxiety is palpable, but doing an anonymous signup as ";unhappy camper"; was a bit shady.
[color=Blue]I guess it would be shady if i actually did that, but i didn't. I like your vocabulary. Palpable. What a great word.[/color]
And I by no means was saying you did, either.  Verbosity is a downfall of mine...
[color=Blue]Are you a percussionist? Teacher? Arranger? What exactly do you do? [/color]
All three as a hobby; I haven't been active in a couple years with a line.
[color=Blue]Are you on AIM? If so my screen name is lunz77. Hit me up. I would like to hear about the scene on the west coast.[/color]
Nine adjudicators have been giving fair attention to all submissions, and the final results will be announced soon. We are currently at the TMEA show in San Antonio.

Unhappy Camper - please respect the [url=]forum rules[/url], and if you have a legitimate concern, it's ok to post under your usual screen name. February is not over yet, so please hang in there.
Results are now available. More info at:
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