Weird Font Issues?

Sibelius 4 is in the mail, so maybe this won't be an issue in a few days, but randomly Sibelius won't let me change individual  text styles anymore.

Like for instance, if I try to change the title to another font it doesn't take effect.  Even if I try to write something different in the title on a freshly-downloaded vdl2 sibelius template it uses a different font when I type.  This hasn't always been an issue so I'm kind of in the dark about it. If I create a document from scratch I'm able to change them fine, and I can also globally change the fonts (like to a Lucida Grande or something).

Anyone ever run into this?

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I haven't had that problem, but I'm totally ignorant about how you change fonts and size in the first place. That was something I found to be easier in Finale what with the Text Tool and all.

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