Hey to Jim and everyone else!

I hope that everbody is having fun with percussion life right now.  I know that I am.  I have not posted in a long while, so I just though that i would tell Jim, Bill and everyone else hey.  Jim--looking forward to seeing your influence, creativity, and your overall expertise with the Cavaliers this year!  I do have a student who is going to the camp in November and I'm curious as to tell him what to expect.  I am very familiar with the ";traditional"; Cavies technique, but I'm sure there are some changes on the way.  Any help you could slide my way would be appreciated!! 

Thanks to all who are loyal to this forum!

Hey Chris,

Good to hear from you again.  Percussion life is hectic as always this time of year.  Teaching, teaching, finding some time for writing, more teaching and hyping kids to do their best.  Man I love this time of year!  Are you gonna be at PASIC this year, or do I have to wait until TMEA to catch up again?

I heard that Cavies this year are going reverse traditional on snares, so they'll be tilted the opposite way.  The tenors are playing traditional with a tilt and the basses are playing on flat drums this year.  :)
(OK, probably not, but imagine the sight :shudder:)
Good to hear from you Chris. Welcome back!

If you have students who have purchased the audition booklet from the Cavaliers website, they should have received a follow-up welcome email and a few guidelines to focus on from the new 2006 staff. If he hasn't ordered the booklet yet, this information should come with it. If he hasn't received this info, have him contact the office at The Cavaliers (http://www.cavaliers.org/info/contact.html)

Don't worry. It's nothing too earth shattering. We're mostly interested in players coming in being confident and comfortable with how they play, rather than feeling nervous as if they need to conform to something. Technique is progressive and will take shape as the chemistry of the line begins to do so.

If you make it to PASIC this year, be sure to come by and see us at the Tapspace booth!
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