loading VDL2 or Kontakt 2 in Logic Pro

I just got Logic Pro last week and it's pretty cool.  I've figured out how to load midi files where each track is an audio instrument.  At that point I'm able to load either VDL2 or Kontakt 2 as a plug-in for each track and am able to get playback in Logic.  I'm not sure how many other Logic users there are out there but I have a couple of questions for anyone who can answer them.

First, is it possible to load an instance in Logic of VDL2 or Kontakt 2 with the battery or any group of instruments and then have the tracks in that group all use the same instance of VDL2 or K2?  Or does an instance of VDL2 or Kontakt 2 have to be loaded for each audio instrument?  I don't even know if this really matters considering you can load as many instances of VDL or K2 as the machine can handle into Logic.

Second, is there any reason why performance would suffer in Logic when an instance of K2 included a bank?  I loaded a bank with only one program used for a xylo part and it played back like there was delay on it although there wasn't any effects turned on.  I then loaded a regular instance of the same instrument into an instance of K2 that just had the xylo instrument and it sounded good.

Any ideas on either one of these would be appreciated.  If I'm butchering the terminology forgive me.  Thanks.
Each track should have a channel that corresponds to the instrument channel in the VDL2 player.  I don't use Logic myself, but I do know that you don't need one player per instrument.  If you use Kontakt 2, then use that instead of the VDL2 player because you can load more instruments and save the setup for later use.  For example, I have a .nkm file for each group I write for that has the list of instruments with levels and balance tweaked so when I load Kontakt as a plug-in, I load the .nkm file and I'm ready to go. 
For the slowdowns, check your core audio settings and playback buffer settings.  If your buffer settings are low, raise them up.  Logic eats up a lot of processing power, and it might be a good idea to up your CPU usage limit. 

Use the K2 player.  I can't remember off hand the exact steps for assigning your tracks to the individual instrument channels, but I'll check it in a bit and get back to you on that.

Out of curiosity, what kind of Mac are you running?
I'm using a G5 with dual 2.3 GHz, and 2.5 GB RAM with Tiger.  I'll check on my buffer and core audio settings when I'm home.  I figured I could assign multiple tracks to an individual instance of K2 but so far I'm missing it.  Assigning the channel of the track to the instrument channel totally makes sense.  Tyler, if you have more specific steps for this process I be grateful.  Thanks.
Ok, I've finally been able to experiment some more with Logic Pro and VDL2 with success.  However, whenever I load an instance of Kontakt 2 into Logic I get the following error:
The IRC extension currently installed does not match your program!  Please get an IRC extension v1.0.3 or ugrade your product!
If you click Ok an instance of K2 loads but sounds distorted once you use it (particularly when using banks but that's one of the biggest benefits to using K2 with Logic).  VDL2 instances perform fantastically in Logic by the way.  I have Logic Pro 7.1.1 and Kontakt 2 with IRC extension so I think I'm up to date based on looking for upgades.  I'm not sure how to directly ugrade the IRC extension though if I need to do that.  I know I'm getting a little out of scope for this forum but if there are any VDL2 users out there who are using Logic and have some insight I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!
I use Kontakt 2 in Logic frequently, but haven't seen what your describing. I'm not exactly sure what the IRC extension is. There's some really good Logic forums at:
I'm sure there are some experts there that could help solve the mystery. Keep us posted.
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