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I am now discovering the first of my many questions about this program, so sorry if I seem rather ignorant. I do not have a midi keyboard, so how do I get Sibelius 4 to play bass unisons and/or other effect type sounds (snare rim clicks, shots, other implements, etc.). Also, I rather like the basic document setup when entering music into sibelius. How do I get the battery music to have the same appearance? I have tried importing house styles and a couple other techniques I figured wouldn't do anything but would be worth a short, so if I could get help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Check out for great inexpensive MIDI keyboards and you're writing will be 10,000 times easier. 

A lot of your questions can be answered at the actual Sibelius website and their user forums.  Make sure you are using the VDL2 template you can download from the updates page.
I guess what I mean about the bass unisons is that I want the unison hit to be on the middle line (b in treble cleff), but it plays a unison when I enter in an e (first line), so how do I overcome this, or is the only way a midi keyboard?
You'll save yourself a [b]ton[/b] of grief if you invest in a MIDI keyboard. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just something that you'd use to send specific pitch assignments into Sibelius when you're entering notes. Without this, it's really a hassle to enter in drum parts. Check out the M-Audio Keystation 49e. It's a USB keyboard (plugs straight into your midi interface necessary), and is very inexpensive.

The ";Do I need a MIDI keyboard"; question is common for newcomers which is why it is covered in the FAQ.
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