Tutorial: Basic VDL:2 Setup with Sibelius or Finale

For those of you who haven't quite mustered up the courage to dive into VDL:2, here is a quick little flash presentation to give you a basic overview of the setup, and the logical path of MIDI data.

Macromedia Flash Player is required.

[b][url=https://www.tapspace.com/vdl2/tutorials/VDL2notationsetup.swf]Basic setup overview with Sibelius or Finale[/url][/b]
I don't have a midi keyboard presently like the ones described in the vdl2 suggested set up. I have a yamaha djx with midi in/out capabilities plus the midi cable. my question is, will this keyboard do?
Sure! All you need is a MIDI interface that goes between the keyboard and your computer. These days, most of them are small USB devices. Check out M-Audio's [url=http://m-audio.com/products/en_us/MIDISPORT1x1-main.html]MIDIsport[/url] or MOTU's [url=http://www.motu.com/products/midi/fastlane_usb/body.html/en]Fastlane[/url]. Just install the software drivers that come with them, connect the cables (keyboard's midi OUT, to interface's MIDI-IN) and it'll be recognized by your computer.
Virtual MIDI cable? I'm sorry if I'm vague, but what would this be?
It's a simple software driver that allows two midi programs to communicate to each other. It's small and free.


Built-into OSX 10.3+ (It's the IAC Driver within your Audio MIDI Setup)
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